We’re proud to announce the launch of MpulseMixes, a premier online mixing service! Our engineers have been in the industry for over a decade, mixing for high profile, multi-platinum recording artists (Lil Uzi Vert, Wu-Tang Clan, Metro Boomin, KYLE, and more). With the start-up of our online mixing service, we can lend a hand to a wider range of artists/producers.

Customer Service

We’re proud of the lengthy experience and talent of our engineers and project managers. We know what it takes to work a song to PERFECTION. We offer TOP-NOTCH customer service – we’ll work with you until your song sounds exactly how you want it to sound! We have the skills to make your vision happen, to make your song sound as high quality and professional as possible. We take pride in helping you create something special. We love to be creative and bring ideas to life.

Unlike other mixing services, we don’t just do a routine mix and send it back. We’re innovative, experienced, we know the industry and we’ll devote our time and skills, with one-on-one service, to produce your masterpiece.